I was never before so ready to give someone my all, to build something together with a strong foundation that would last and last. I wanted so badly to believe. It was a beautiful vision, a daydream, like something a pair of children might imagine to be what its like to be grown-ups one day.

Childish dreams are what we carry in our hearts. They move us forward, lift us up, the reason we keep trying.

You feel like you might be seeing the finish line on the horizon, and you can’t look away, knowing it will all be over soon. Don’t be scared. See my face, only just next to you. See her face, she’s with you too. They can’t put a number on the time you have left, because dreaming is out of time. Out of their rules. Out of the physicality.

I still daydream.

In my daydream, I only see futures.

We could all be so beautiful.